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  • Will you take my pets to your home, or come visit them in mine?

We make visits to your home. This way your pets are able to stay in their familiar surroundings, where they are comfortable.

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  • Who will be coming into my home?
As the owner of the business I take a great deal of pride in our services.  I conduct all Initial Consultations myself so you are dealing directly with the owner.  I also do most of the pet sitting myself.  Since I can't be everywhere, I have hired a few of my friends to help me with pet sitting duties when needed.  I have known all of these women for at least 7 years. I do not hire strangers to pet sit.  I don't advertise for sitters online or in the newspaper, or anywhere!  I hand pick my friends who I trust to care for my own pets.  I wouldn't let a stranger in my home and I certainly wouldn't let them in yours.  All of my sitters are over the age of 35 and have undergone a thorough background investigation.

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  • What takes place during a visit with my pet?

Visits consist of providing fresh water, food, playtime (indoor or outdoor, depending on weather) and lots of affection for your pet. We will also alternate lights, open/close blinds, collect mail and take out trash/recycle on scheduled days. We clean up pet waste from your backyard and during walks with your pet, as well as litter boxes daily.

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  • How much time per visit will you spend with my pets?

The minimum amount of time we spend with your pet each visit is 30 minutes. More time per visit can be scheduled for an additional charge (refer to our Rates page). Overnight visits are between 10-12 hours and include everything that a standard visit includes.

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  • Is pet sitting always the best option for my pets?

Pet sitting is usually always the best option for your pet while you travel, because your pet can stay in his own safe environment, be on the same feeding schedule, sleep in his own bed, and not be around strange dogs and in a cage all day.  A few reasons why pet sitting may not be the best option is if your dog is aggressive, suffers severe separation anxiety, or is under 1 year of age.  Please give us a call to discuss whether or not pet sitting is appropriate for your young dog. 

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  • What about licensing?

Licensing of pet sitters is not done in the state of AZ. Unlike your hairdresser, doctor, or plumber, Arizona does not license Pet Sitters. What this means is that ANYBODY can open a pet sitting business. A convicted burglar, an animal abuser, anybody can simply pick a name and call themselves a pet sitter. Thankfully for you, I am a retired police officer here in the valley and I have paperwork to prove it. The extensive criminal and personal background check that was done on me, in order to become a police officer, is peace of mind to you that I have a completely clear record. And my years of experience in pet sitting, which started while I was still a police officer, can put your mind at ease, knowing how seriously my business and my clients are to me. If a pet sitter says they are 'licensed' all that means is that they have a tax privilege license in their town.

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  • What about Certification?

Just as with licensing, there is no required certification of pet sitters in Arizona. If a pet sitter claims to be certified, this means they have paid to join a group or perhaps attend a conference sponsored by a group that solicits pet sitters. This does not protect you in any way and does not mean the sitter's background has been investigated or cleared at all. This does not mean they have any special training or experience either.

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  • What about insurance?
We are fully insured. This protects both the pet sitter and client should there be an incident involving your pet or property. We provide proof of our insurance during the Initial Consultation.

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  • What about references?

We are happy to provide references from many of our happy clients!

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  • When I go out of town, how many times a day should you come visit my pets?

If your dog is contained indoors and is dependent on someone to let them out, 3 visits a day is recommended. For dogs that have access to the backyard via a doggy door, 2 visits a day works well. For healthy cats, 1 or 2 visits a day is usually sufficient.  These are just guidelines, we are happy to adjust the number of visits however you would like.

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  • I'd like to have my neighbor visit my pets part of the time, and have the pet sitter visit part of the time. Is that OK?

As a general rule, we will not take pet sitting assignments where we are sharing the pet care responsibilities with a neighbor, friend, relative, or another pet sitter. This is for insurance reasons.

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  • Will you confirm my reservation prior to my trip?

Definitely! A few days before you leave, we will call or email you to reconfirm departure/return dates and times and make sure there are no changes to the pet's routine, etc.

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  • My flight is delayed; my car has broken down; I can't get in touch with you. What will happen to my pets?

If you have a delayed flight or car trouble, rest assured; we will continue to care for your pets until you make it home safely. We require that you call us within 1 hour of your return home, no matter how late it is. If we do not hear from you by the time the next visit should occur, we will continue to make paid visits until you make it home. Our #1 priority is the well being of your pet!

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  • Are you available weekends and holidays?

We are available ALMOST 365 days a year.  Email for details about your specific dates.

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  • Do you require that my pets have their vaccinations?

Having your pet vaccinated is a good idea, whether or not you hire a pet sitter. With the controversy today about vaccinations, however, we do not require proof of any vaccinations.  

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  • If my pet becomes ill while I'm away, how will that be handled?

We will collect veterinary information and discuss financial arrangements with you during the Initial Consultation. In case of medical emergency that requires veterinary attention, we will contact you (or your designated contact person) immediately to inform you of the situation. If we cannot reach you or your contact person, we will take whatever steps necessary to insure the well being of your pet.

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  • What if you have an emergency and can't get to my pets?

There is always a backup sitter available to cover in case of an emergency.  This is an added benefit of hiring a pet sitter who has a 'built-in' backup.

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  • Are you available for times when I'm not on vacation?

Absolutely! We can walk your dog during the day while you're at work, let a puppy out of its crate for a potty break and playtime, and check on an old or ill pet during the day. Also, if your backyard is off limits to the dog because of landscaping and/or construction, we can take your dog for a walk.

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  • Our pets are going on vacation with us, or we don't have pets.  Can you still pick up our mail and check on the house? 

Absolutely!  There may be a reduced rate for this, depending on your location and your needs. 

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  • Are you available for pet waste cleanup only? 

Yes!  Please contact us to discuss details.  The price will depend on number of pets and how often you'd like us to come to your home.  

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  • How are my keys handled?

For convenience purposes, we will keep the two copies of your house key on file for future pet sitting assignments or in case of last minute pet sitting needs.  Having two copies allows us to have a back up key in case of emergency.  When not in use, keys are kept in a lockbox and in a secure place. Keys are identified only by your pet's name and not by your last name or address.

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  • What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders. We do not accept credit cards at this time .  

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  • Do you have magnets or signage on your vehicle that advertises you are a pet sitter?

Absolutely not. Having magnets or signage on a vehicle advertises to anybody driving by that you are out of town. We are discreet and want your home to be safe and secure.

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"Peace of Mind for You and Your Pets"

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