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You may contact Mary via email at or via telephone at

When emailing me, please put 'Pet Sitting' in the subject line so that I can get back with you as quickly as possible.  Thank you!

We do not have a form for you to fill in to request service or ask for information.  We believe that hiring a pet sitter is a very personal choice.  You must feel comfortable the instant you speak with your sitter and you can't do that with a cold form.  We prefer to give you a chance to call us or email us with whatever information you choose to provide, not just what a form allows you to enter.  My name is not 'Info@', it's Mary and I'm happy to hear from you anytime!  Afterall, you're hiring someone to care for your most prized possessions; your home and your pets!

When inquiring about our services, please include at least the following information.  It will help us get an answer to you as fast as possible.  
  • Your major cross streets

  • Types and number of pets

  • Are your dogs inside or outside?

  • Do they have a doggy door?

  • Dates of requested reservation


Thank you for considering Absolutely Pawsitive to be your Gilbert or Chandler Pet Sitter!





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