We feel we offer the most complete and dependable Gilbert pet sitting and Chandler pet sitting services you will find.  Our small staff covering a small service area, combined with our passion for animals gives you the best pet sitting service in the Valley!

Below are the reasons we know Absolutely Pawsitive, LLC is the best choice when it comes to choosing a pet sitter in the Valley:

  • True animal lovers. Our first concern is always the pet. We do not take all pet sitting jobs that are put in front of us. If we aren't comfortable with the treatment of the pet or the situation in which they will be left, we will not, in good conscience, take the job. We do not sit for pets that are tethered (tied up).

  • Extensive law enforcement background. This adds the bonus of having someone with law enforcement experience checking the security of your home at each visit.

  • Organized. This is our job, not 'just' pet sitting to us. We are very thorough and we take our profession seriously.

  • Non-smokers, clean & hygienic.

  • Attentive and aware. We pay attention to detail. We know how your pet is feeling and if something is off, we'll take the appropriate action.

  • We are members of the Arizona Humane Society and ASPCA. We have volunteered many hours at local shelters and continue to help less fortunate pets live better lives.



Pets give us unconditional love and companionship.  They become part of the family.  Our job is to keep your pets safe and happy and your home secure while you're away.  Your pet's well being, and your peace of mind are our responsibility, and we understand how difficult separation can be for both pets and owners.  Pets must trust us and owners must have confidence in our services.  We are mature, responsible adults who love and respect animals, and will treat your family members as one of our own.

It is important that people are comfortable with us, but ultimately your pets will decide how good our service is.  Pets will show their owners who they can trust based on how they are treated, not what we say or write.

One of our top priorities is your trust and we work hard to earn it.




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"Peace of Mind for You and Your Pets"

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