Hi!  Thank you for visiting our website.  We are thrilled that you are considering us to care for your pets.  Even if you choose not to hire us, we believe pet sitting is a wonderful way to manage your pet care needs and we’re glad you are looking into it. 


My name is Mary and I am the owner of Absolutely Pawsitive, LLC.  While I’ve been pet sitting nearly my entire life, I started my business in 2002 as a way to provide Professional Pet Care to those of you who love your pets as much as I love mine.  No more need to ask friends and neighbors or the ‘kids down the street’.  Instead you have us! 


We are mature, reliable and responsible adults.  This is what we do full-time so you won’t have to worry about whether or not we’ll show up or spend quality time with your pets. 


When I started Absolutely Pawsitive, LLC, I was working as a Police Officer in the Valley. After receiving a career-ending injury I had to retire early and I’m now thankful to spend so much time with animals.  After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from ASU, followed by 14 years in the law enforcement field, working with animals and the people who love them is a breath of fresh air! My years of experience in law enforcement bring that 'extra something' to pet sitting.  I understand it can be scary to hire someone to enter your home and care for your beloved pets.  My police training as well as the thorough background screening I had to undergo in order to be a police officer, gives you peace of mind.  That training gives me extra knowledge in Safety and Security while caring for your home and pets. 


Absolutely Pawsitive, LLC is a small owner-operated business.  We are not a large corporation that services a massive area.  Instead, we keep our business personal by not hiring employees to do all the work for us.  We keep our service area close to home as well, so you are never very far from your sitter.  Many of our clients like knowing that we live in the same community as they do. In addition to myself, we have fewer than five sitters who help with pet sitting duties.  It's good to have a 'back-up' just in case, but at the same time we keep it small, so we have a 'hands on' approach.  This way, you'll always know your sitter and your sitter will know your pets. Additionally, all of my sitters were friends of mine before they started sitting for me.  I do not hire people I do not know; pet sitting is just too important.  Every sitter has undergone thorough background screening and passed with flying colors. Plus, they have all cared for my pets at my home.   


My dogs are my children - and I know what it's like to have to arrange your life around your pets. For that reason, I love to work with clients who also value and respect their animals.


Again, thank you for checking us out!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions! 





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